Triple Your Automotive Marketing Now

Recently, we listened to a 27 hour-long selling seminar recorded back in 2000 that reminded us of a very important, yet extraordinarily overlooked car dealer marketing strategy that would literally mean the distinction between going into the red and record-breaking sales for your store this year.

At this seminar they were solely scratching the surface of this idea… because in 2000 the technology wasn’t as affordable or easily accessible as it’s now. But these days it’s essential, and if you aren’t doing this one thing, you would like to begin immediately if you want to see a lot of leads, prospects and referrals coming back into your store.

So what are we have a tendency to talking concerning that may quickly and effectively maximize your dealership’s marketing efforts and ultimately your bottom line?

We’re talking concerning systematically collecting contact data for each prospect or client that deals with your store.

Most individuals who market on-line understand this concept. In fact, it’s how they make a living. However so many tiny dealers we tend to encounter don’t get the ability of this. You would like to be actively making & using a database. You’re database is GOLD! In fact, it’s higher than Gold— it’s like acres of diamonds just waiting to be mined by somebody who knows the potential of what’s hidden in the planet beneath him.

I’d say 50% of dealerships collect contact data when a client buys something…and maybe 15% do great job at keeping it current and in a usable state. Nonetheless the sad part is that solely 2% collect any data from prospects and leads before the sale…which could be a HUGE mistake on the dealer’s part.

The ability is in the follow-up. Yes, it’s nice to have the contact info of consumers who purchased from your store to remind them of referral opportunities or future deals…however what regarding the power to consistently and often follow up with those inquiring regarding or perhaps considering buying a car from you?

The opportunity is priceless.

However once more, we’re not talking about catching a client’s contact information on the fly or simply when it involves your attention. No, we’re talking regarding having a full blown automated system that’s used consistently and without fail to ensure contact information is being collected from leads, prospects and customers 100% of the time.

At the very least you want a break’s email address and their permission to send stuff in the future. It is imperative, will quadruple the effectiveness of your promoting and significantly impact your bottom-line. At best, you want full contact info so you mail, email and phone them.

So here’s the massive question…

How does one get all that data?

Easy. You incentivize the exchange. You provide something of value in return. And I’m not talking concerning a magnet or a t-shirt or something that is of price to YOU. No, this desires to be something of high worth to the customer if you expect them to fork over the goods their private contact info) and actually welcome communication from you within the future.

And let me be perfectly honest in saying that while there may be an initial time or cash investment on your part in creating this “item of value”, giving the customer one thing they want in exchange for an email address may be a deal HEAVILY skewed in your favor.

That’s because you’ve now gotten their permission to create relationships and woo them into turning into customers for life. That’s how raving fans are born who suggest and talk concerning you to others. That’s how you get additional referrals then you’ll handle and that’s how you can harness the ability of that each one elusive, best-marketing-on-the-planet-because-it’s-free Word Of Mouth Advertising.

However it all starts with aggressively pursuing and creating it a TOP priority to gather the contact data (especially email) of all the prospects you encounter every day. With email you’ll be able to market to them for free in the long run…and what type of selling is best than free?

10 Biggest Automotive Myths

Myth #1: When my brakes squeak it is probably caused by brake dust.

Fact: Brake Dust never causes squeaks.

Brake dust is a natural result of braking caused by the brake pad (or brake shoe) wearing against the rotor (or drum) as you brake. A fraction of the brake pad and rotor wear away with each stop, which is what forms brake dust.

Myth #2: Emission testing is not required where I live, why do I need a catalytic converter?

Fact: Catalytic Converters are required by Federal Law.

If your vehicle came with a catalytic converter on it when it was manufactured, it´s a good rule of thumb it still is required to have one. A catalytic converter is located in the exhaust pipe and its primary function is to remove any unburned air fuel mixture leftover from the combustion process. Besides the benefit of keeping the air cleaner, the catalytic converter is an important part of the information feedback your engine needs to run efficiently. A modern engine samples the exhaust stream to see how efficiently the engine is running and adjusts fuel and timing to compensate.

Myth #3: Cars are so reliable, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

Fact: This strategy might work in the short term, but over the life of your vehicle it costs less to follow the recommended maintenance schedules.

The reason following the recommended service intervals is less expensive is when a part completely fails it often damages other related or connected parts. It is far better to replace a worn, but still working part, than to wait for the expense of complete failure. Oh, and did I mention parts almost always fail at the worst and most inconvenient times, and often result in a towing charge as well as repairs.

Myth #4: The higher the Octane rating the better the gasoline.

Fact: Use the lowest octane rated gasoline your vehicle manufacturer recommends. (lower octane fuels are less expensive)

Octane rating is defined as the resistance of fuels to detonation (engine knock, or engine ping.) Higher performance engines typically have higher compression ratios and are therefore more prone to detonation, so they require higher octane fuel. A lower performance engine will not generally perform better with high octane fuel, since the compression ratio is fixed by the engine design. If you notice “engine knock” during heavy accelerating such as a long hill or an on-ramp or when pulling a heavy load, change to the next higher octane rated gasoline.

Myth #5: You must have the dealer service your vehicle so you don´t void your warranty.

Fact: By law the dealer cannot require you to maintain or repair your vehicle at their facility.

Where-ever you choose to maintain or repair your vehicle, you must follow the recommended intervals for service the manufacturer requires as outlined in your owner´s manual during the warranty period.

Myth #6: Performance Mufflers are just for kids.

Fact: A free flowing performance Muffler can improve power and gas mileage.

One of the easiest ways to improve the efficiency of an engine is to reduce the restrictions in the exhaust exiting the engine. Larger exhaust pipe diameter and a performance muffler that reduces the restrictions on the exhaust system and lets the engine work easier, especially during heavy acceleration or towing. The benefits are better mileage, more power and reduced engine temperatures. One of the trade-offs is a gain in sound volume of the exhaust, most find this a benefit as well.

Myth #7: Gasoline additives like Techron will keep my engine clean.

Fact: These additives certainly help but the combustion process leaves deposits in your engine especially carbon on valves and injectors.

Each gallon of gasoline contains only a small quantity of these additives. Periodically your engine needs a thorough fuel system cleaning, especially the injectors and valves to remove these deposits and restore efficiency to your engine.

Myth #8: Restarting the engine uses more gas than idling.

Fact: It takes almost no additional fuel to restart a warm engine.

All the new hybrid vehicles are taking advantage of this and shutting down the engine at stop lights. Back when cars had carburetors and were hard to start or flooded regularly there may have been a grain of truth, but no longer.

Myth #9: Oil never wears out, just top it off once in a while.

Fact: Oil, like all other automotive fluids degrade with use and time.

Oil and its additives are designed not only to lubricate but to capture impurities and suspend them in the oil. Most of the bigger particulates are filtered out by the oil filter. It´s actually the additives that make modern oils so effective but also it´s the additives that break down. The dark color of used oil is the captured contaminates that dilute and degrade the oil. Draining the oil and changing the oil filter regularly is the single most effective maintenance you can do for your vehicle to ensure a long life.

Myth #10: Let the engine idle to warm up on cold days.

Fact: Engines run best at their design temperatures.

To get to the ideal temperature sooner, start the engine and drive at moderate speeds. Your engine will be okay, modern oils flow fine in cold weather.

Why You Need More Than 1 Income Source For Your Personal Finances

Today’s economy gives us plenty of reasons to have more than one source of income. The reality is that we are always is some form of economic turmoil so for our personal finances to not suffer we must always have Plan B and Plan C in action. If one of your incomes is lost then you have others that will replace it. Being ahead of the game means little or no lost income.

How does someone find an additional source of income? My best advice on this is to start with something you enjoy or something is related to your current line of work. It is much easier to have a passion to put in the extra time necessary to create a second income stream if you love what you are doing.

The future economies of the world will center on information. The things that you have learned in life have value to those people who have not learned those things yet. A lot of times we place no value on what we do know because we accept the fact that everyone knows it as well. Use the value of this information and get paid for it.

Build an online presence of who you are and what you know so that people will seek you out. Your value is greater as someone who people look for as opposed to someone who is looking for people. You do this through social networking on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Tell your story on these sites and seek out those that might want to know more about you.

Next thing that you can do is investigate online internet marketing. Learning how to capitalize in the virtual world will give you multiple streams of income opportunities. Once you have a handle on being able to market yourself online, the number of information and digital products that you can market are endless. I personally hate the term automatic income because the only real automatic income takes lots of money and has a very low return. That is a savings account. Other than that you must be involved in some way to get a great return. You are not exchanging time for money you are investing your time instead of cash.

Finding a good source of training to become an internet marketer is important. Most services are merely trying to get you to buy their product and then they try to get you buy their next great idea. Make sure that their marketing plan is to help you succeed and not just for them to succeed. Programs that are more hands on giving will help you grow your income streams.

Remember again that as you grow your income streams that you must diversify and not just count on one area of expertise. If you are automotive related you understand how that economy cycles from selling new cars to the upkeep of current cars. But when the economy is down maybe you need to help your automotive customers find retirement advice. Be versatile, because once you have a customer they will turn to you again if you have given them a reason.

For more advice on personal finances and growing more income streams check out the resource box below. You can also find help with retirement planning and building a savings plan there as well. ActionNaura Bersama Teman SekolahNaura Bersama Teman SekolahNaura
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Use of Online Sources for Automotive Marketing Research

Conducting an Automotive Marketing Research can be difficult at times if you do not have the right set of resources. Well, in today’s world everything depends on technology and various tactics that can be used for deriving information. In all these tactics there is a thin line which needs to be followed; this can fetch you results that can give you accurate results. A marketing research comprises of long and short term data. Long term data is that one which helps in understanding the market for over a year or so. This type of data can help a lot in future planning; if you have set any goals for the future time then this is the best source for planning. Short term results or data can be used for 6 odd months straight. It is minimal data that comprises of reports and graphs up to a period of 6 to 8 months and not over a year.

Automotive Marketing Research roughly contains information around the crux of long and short term data. Internet can prove to be beneficial when it comes to such requirements. There are several parameters involved which can be used to retrieve this type of data. Questionnaire is one of the précised and direct method used for generating primary data. Questions are asked and feedbacks are noted down, it helps a lot in knowing the trend which is currently followed by different age groups of consumers. Secondary data can be obtained by conducting a survey method where results of previous tests can be recorded. Conducting a survey is easy because you have the format ready with you; all you need to do is follow the flow.

Internet helps a lot as there are special agencies present which can help in collection of data and information. They can be easily approached as they have their website present. Generating a quote which can give you details is possible; they have this feature that can yield the exact amount required for generation of data. You can even compare between two or more brands at one point of time, internet allows this service without any hassle. For finding out Motorcycle Marketing Research you can approach several firms present in the market. They will give you precise information about secondary and primary data available for planning purposes.

Automotive Marketing Research is a wide concept. There are several automobiles in the section that require precise information for launching and manufacturing purposes. Engine size and the type of motorcycle play an important role in overall planning. It shows the brand when and how to launch the product, not only launching it even tells what type of engine and its size will be better. Complete designing is also dragged in this data that yield sensitive information, such type of data will be worth of millions of dollars. You will be in a position to differentiate your ability and the actual want of the market. Then you can alter and manufacture the product according to the requirement of the ultimate consumer.